SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 - OpenCL: Parallel Programming for Computing and Graphics

Welcome to the course notes and supplementary materials for the full-day SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 OpenCL Parallel Programming for Computing and Graphics course!

The course was held at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 on Wednesday, 16 December.


The rapidly changing capabilities of modern graphics processing units (GPUs) mean that developers need to understand how to combine parallel-programming techniques with the traditional interactive rendering pipeline exposed by OpenGL and Direct3D. This course demonstrates how to combine traditional rendering APIs with advanced parallel computation using OpenCL (Open Computing Language), a cross-platform API for programming parallel systems such as GPUs.

The course is presented by industry experts in general-purpose programming using GPUs. The first section reviews the basics of the OpenCL API including a "Hello World" application written in OpenCL Attendees with laptops will be able to try the examples on their own during the course. The second section covers more advanced cases, including how to write applications that interact with standard graphics APIs. The final section includes performance-optimization "tips and tricks" for writing OpenCL applications

The course presenters are experts on general-purpose GPU computation and advanced rendering from academia and industry, and have presented papers and tutorials on the topic at SIGGRAPH, Graphics Hardware, Supercomputing, and elsewhere.

Course Organizers

Justin Hensley, AMD
Jason Yang, AMD
Mark Harris, Nvidia

Course Speakers

Justin Hensley, AMD
Jason Yang, AMD
Jayanth Gummaraju, AMD
Derek Gerstmann, University of Western Australia
Timo Stich, Nvidia

Course Notes

  1. Morning session A (9:00-10:45)
  2. Morning session B (11:00-12:45)
  3. Afternoon session A (14:15-16:00)
  4. Afternoon session B (16:15-18:00)